I’m Feeling Some Kind of Way

2014-08-14 19.24.50This is Brittany. Beautiful, loving, and has a smile for the ages. A kind person with a heart of gold. She has three beautiful children that she adopted with her loving husband, Lane. Brittany has been one of those friends that I only see once a year or once every couple of years, along with the rest of the University of Tulsa #TU crew.

I remember one of our girls’ trip to #Denver. We stayed in the mountains and went out on snowmobiles. One of us, not me, kept driving off the edge into a ditch. The last time the snowmobile went into the ditch, all of us girls wondered how in the world we’d get that darn snowmobile out of the ditch. Then along came about 10 men, dressed in all black on black snowmobiles. They were there to rescue us! As each one removed their helmet, the next one cuter than the one before, all of us girls grinned sheepishly and played helpless. Yes, we did. It was like a scene from a movie. We still talk about that story whenever we get together. 

Another girl’s trip is when we all met up at my place in #Portland just before I moved overseas. That was a blast! We bottled a ridiculously large bottle of wine at Tesoaria and all signed it.The Girls II 8_2014 That now empty bottle sits on my wine rack. We even took an almost inappropriate picture in bathrobes at the soaking pool at Edgefield. We did have bathing suits on though. We always enjoy our time together.

Our last trip was to #LA. Do you remember that trip? I blogged about it! Yes, they met me in California as I came back to the states for a conference. We spent a few days in a vacation home and spent time catching up and playing silly games. We had a blast!

This past weekend, many of the girls got together again. I was unable to make it. The gathering was for Brittany’s celebration of life. Yes, our Brittany lost a battle with #cancer. When she first told us, her positivity and light was brighter than any shadow a cancer diagnosis could cast. We were all kept up to date on her treatments and progress and joined in prayer as she fought like a champion. At a young 37 years old, sweet Brittany is suffering no more. We believe she is with the Lo2014-08-19 09.02.54rd smiling so brightly. I’ve not experienced the loss of a friend as an adult. It hurts. I’ve cried more than I have in quite some time. I think about the love she showed to her children. She always spoke fondly of her husband. She was so full of joy. I wish I could understand the emotion that I’m feeling and I acknowledge that it’s not about me but I do recognize grief. I keep her family in my thoughts and prayers.

Our girl’s weekends will certainly be different without her. I still can’t believe it when I look around my house with pictures of all of us laughing and smiling. I’m sure when us girls get together we will continue to reminisce and laugh at the silly stories that we’ve shared over the years. Even though I hadn’t seen Brittany in a while, I’ll cherish the last few electronic communications we had over the last couple of months. Sweet #Brittany….Sweet Brittany.

The family has established Brittany’s Hope to help indigent families with cancer in Carlsbad, NM. Click here to donate.

As I continue to reflect, I want to share with you an organization that’s near and dear to my heart: Bradley Angle in Portland, OR. It’s a non profit that I was introduced to just one year ago. They do great work with survivors of domestic violence. I’ve had a chance to meet with the director and many of the board members.

Every year, I find organizations to donate to, organizations that I really believe in and that I know is doing great work. I’ve seen the Bradley Angle team members in action and I know the impact they have on the lives that they touch.

I recently received a photo of the cupboard that holds feminine products at Bradleycupbard Angle. It was nearly bare. I figured, this mother’s day, I will bless other mothers who may be going through difficult times. Yes, I’m a mother and I really don’t need anything for mother’s day. My son is all the way in Portland so what better way to celebrate mother’s day than to give to other mothers. I just sent a huge box of #feminineproducts to the Bradley Angle office. In the world of online shopping, I encourage you to consider sending something as well: personal products, soaps, lotions, toothpaste, etc.

Bradley Angle – 5432 N Albina Ave – Portland, OR 97217

Until next time…living life.

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  1. Thank you for your enlightened and heartfelt reflections. Similar to Brittany, I have a couple of friends who have transitioned…too soon.


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